Cauliflower Curry

If there's a cuisine I wish I could cook more often in my kitchen, it would be Indian. I love the depth of flavors this cuisine has and it seems the right combination of spices and proper ratios is a skill I need to work on. When my friend Sara brought this Cauliflower Curry to the recent potluck playdate I hosted, it was a wonderful addition to the table. I'm usually not a fan of cauliflower but this dish makes me want to eat cauliflower more! The blend of spices is spot on and it's a flavorful vegetarian dish that holds it own... Like most Indian cooks, measuring ingredients isn't usually done. Cooking is more about the senses and how things taste, look and feel versus the scientific approach of measuring. However the following recipe captures the tastes perfectly! This is a good introduction to Indian cuisine if you're looking to dabble a bit...


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