Cheesy Grub Sandwiches

What's a fond summer memory of yours? For me, a memory I recently thought fondly was when I enjoyed childhood visits to a local drive in with friends. It would be a lazy summer day and my friends in the neighborhood would walk over to Shirl's Drive In for ice cream to beat the heat. Afterward, we'd go next door and play a round or two of mini golf. Ah, fun summer times! Shirl's is still there after all these years and still serving up great ice cream and other menu favorites. Shirl's was always known for having great ice cream. But if there was a sandwich I'd recommend, it would definitely be a Cheesy Grub! Seasoned ground beef is mixed with a creamy cheese sauce and served up in a steamed hot dog bun. It's messy but oh so good! When I visited my hometown not too long ago, I had a craving for a Cheesy Grub. I had one and was inspired to try making them at home. I mean, how hard could it be? Thankfully, after some tweaking, this recipe definitely is spot on and now I'm not too far from getting a taste of my childhood. Another bonus is that the filling for this sandwich can be used in other ways. Aside from a sandwich filling for a cheesy grub, you can stir in macaroni for a cheeseburger macaroni casserole. This is even delicious over fries or baked potatoes!