Chicken Milano

My 1st time using sun-dried tomatoes in a recipe and they were delicious! I have eaten sun-dried tomatoes on a salad at a restaurant, Max & Erma's, and knew I had to make something at home with them! I bought them at Trader Joe's and they were packed in olive oil! This dish is restaurant quality food! It reminded me of alfredo but with a tomato base! So good! I seasoned my chicken with garlic salt, cracked black pepper and Lawry's seasoned salt! I also used minced garlic from a jar and only used 1 tablespoon! This would of been great served with some garlic bread which I had on hand but it was to late as we had already dug into it and it was good as is! So, if you are looking for a way to make something with sun-dried tomatoes, this is an awesome recipe!