Chocolate Cannoli

If there's an Italian dessert I adore, it's cannoli. There's something alluring about a crisp shell filled with creamy ricotta studded with chocolate, pistachios and even the occasional orange zest. The interesting thing is, as much as they look like a labored dessert, homemade cannoli isn't that hard to make at all. It's actually very easy - easier than you think! I had friends come over to play in the kitchen with me and we had a blast making cannoli. One of the recipes we made included these Chocolate Cannoli that we all loved... After making the dough for the cannoli shells, we focused on fillings. This filling was especially tasty because it was chockful of raisins and chopped chocolate. Making the filling entailed whipping heavy cream until it held soft peaks and folding in toasted pistachios, raisins and chocolate. The ricotta is then introduced and voila... the filling is ready! Once the filling was done, we dipped the ends of our homemade cannoli shells in melted chocolate, then in toasted pistachios. When the chocolate set up after a minute or two, we used a pastry bag to pipe the filling into the shells. The hardest part is holding off from eating the cannoli after you've made them! Now if only I could find a recipe for gluten free cannoli shells...


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