Chocolate Hazelnut Wontons (or Fried Ravioli)

I am helping prepare food for a chocolate-food-themed lingerie wedding shower that is coming up soon. My boss had told me about a simple but fantastic-sounding recipe that involved Nutella, wonton wrappers, and powdered sugar. YUM! I googled it and found the recipe, and I was ready to go. I found the directions a little unclear, so I’ve altered my recipe to try to be clearer. Also, I think you might want to make this for you and your sweetie for a special occasion, so I wrote the directions for two people. Note: This is a rich and entirely unhealthy dessert. If you are going to eat it, you should eat it with no shame or guilt. Eat healthy the day before; eat healthy the day after, but while you are consuming this dessert, let yourself be overcome with pleasure. Pleasure in life is not about abstinence but moderation, and when you are indulging, you ruin your indulgence if you fret over it the whole time.