Cocoa Layer Cake

I don't think that one of us doesn't have at least one great memory of their grandparents. For me, I will always remember my grandfather sitting in his recliner, smoking (okay, so maybe not all imagery of grandparent's bring that slight fuzzy feeling of childhood, but the other's do...) and drinking coffee all hours of the day. That coffee. I wanted it so bad. To heck with the point that I was only six years old and that it would "stunt my growth". Since my grandfather had such an addiction to the substance of coffee, he knew what it meant to crave it and he knew that yes, while I was just a kid, a little won't hurt. He used to yell over to my grandmother to put a little in my milk. Yes, a kid craving coffee but is sufficing milk with just a drop of coffee. And yes, there were times when I would sneak a little more in than I was supposed to. I remember my grandmother mumbling under her breath as she handed her six year old granddaughter milk with coffee. Wasn't a kid not supposed to like coffee? Sometimes I even would sit there with the milk/ coffee mixture in a mug, sipping it like my grandfather. Two peas in a pod I thought. Throughout my childhood I had many coffee cravings. Coffee ice cream, coffee shop concoctions and then wow! Starbucks Frappacino! Coffee heaven. While my appetite for all things coffee has subsided, my craving for a little espresso in my desserts waxes and wanes. Right now, I am waxing poetic on espresso. Love it. Who can dismiss the fact that chocolate and coffee go oh so well together?! When I came across this recipe, I was elated. Espresso powder in the frosting. I will give this a try, and was I sure glad I did. Enjoy!