Cornmeal Buffalo Wings

Do you ever dine out and try figuring out how a dish was made? What ingredients were used or what technique was applied? We recently dined at a local restaurant, The Frontier, and while there, we were struck by their 'Lollipop Wings.' It's simply their version of buffalo wings... with a twist. My husband and I really enjoyed them and sat there trying to figure out what they did to make them different. It had all the flavor of the typical buffalo wing but more importantly, the texture was a surprise. Rather than frying the chicken before tossing into a buffalo wing sauce, the chicken was coated in what I guess was... a seasoned fish fry coating. Fish fry coating with chicken? Yes. And hence, these Cornmeal Buffalo Wings were recreated... The Frontier's Lollipop Wings had notes of citrus and definitely a bit of cornmeal, which added a great crispy texture. When I looked again at the menu, I was pretty sure that was what was used simply because there were other seafood dishes that most likely would use the fish fry coating as well. (It's common for restaurants to cross utilize ingredients for various recipes on their menu.) So that's when I gave it a try at home. After seasoning some chicken wings and tossing them in seasoned fish fry coating, I fried them up. Rather than making a buffalo wing sauce to toss the chicken in, I drizzled the sauce over the chicken after they were plated and served the sauce on the side. The result? I think I nailed it because my husband loved them... even more than the wings we had at the restaurant. Who knew seasoned fish fry could work so well for buffalo chicken wings?!