Crockpot Ranch Pork Chops & Garlic Noodles Parmesan

It's been so hot here and we've been eating alot of different salad's because I really don't want to heat up the kitchen so I decided to make us a hearty meal in the crockpot because my crockpot doesn't heat up the kitchen at all! I found several recipes on Pinterest similar to the one I came up with and my hubby made his famous garlic noodles parmesan to complete the dish! YAY, he's been on vacation for 2 weeks! This dish is so creamy and delicious and my kids love mashed potatoes as well as the noodles so I couldn't let this gravy pass up a trip on top of mashed potatoes so I made a small batch! Great choice, everything was gobbled down! This is one recipe you do want to try, even in the heat, it won't heat up your kitchen, I promise, and the best investment you can make is crockpot liners! They are a lifesaver, no burning, no mess!