Curried Coconut Cashew Rice Krispies Treats

One night in 2008, one magical night at the Violet Hour, I was reunited with my first love–Rice Krispies Treats. My eyes told me they were the sweet transcendental treats I’d loved as a child, but my mouth filed a very different report. The squares were sweet, crunchy, and slightly chewy exactly as I had remembered them, but these treats were savory with a surprising bit of heat. I immediately reached for another and then another trying to crack the code of flavors that were exploding in my mouth. Curry! I’ve made and tweaked my version of curried Krispies treats a dozen times since the night they first blew my mind, starting with the recipe that appeared in Food and Wine Magazine shortly after my Violet Hour visit. For road trips I make these in a 9×9-inch pan and cut them into 3-inch square monster treats. For cocktail parties I use a 9×13-inch pan to create bite-sized squares that are perfect companions for a glass of bubbly. Want to glam them up a bit? Try drizzling the squares with melted white chocolate.