Denver Breakfast Strata

Weekends are the days I really look forward to making breakfasts. It's the time of week where I have some extra time to prepare something more than the usual toasted bagel or bowl of cereal/oatmeal. The most recent weekend breakfast I made was this Denver Breakfast Strata. I guess some folks may call this a breakfast casserole, but because the dish has various layers, it's best known as a strata. As you may have guessed, this strata is layered with ingredients commonly found in a traditional Denver omelet. Sautéed onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, diced ham and cheddar cheese fill this strata with tons of flavor for a satisfying breakfast! My husband will order a Denver omelet when we're dining out for brunch if it's on the menu. It's definitely his favorite breakfast above anything else. With this in mind, I was inspired to take all the things he loves about a Denver omelet and incorporate it into a breakfast casserole. This is a great dish to make for a crowd and is perfect for either a breakfast or brunch meal. Another bonus is you can make it in advance the night before and bake it the next day!