Fluffy Cheese and Onion Omelette

I just joned BakeSpace and this recipe comes from my breakfast this morning ! I know there are thousands of Omelettes. I wanted to share my method of creating a Fluffy Omelette you wont be afraid to serve. Although this is Cheese and Onion, the variations are endless. In future posts, I'll refer to this method and simply focus on the "stuffing" so to speak. A note on Cheese: I am an avid lover of all cheeses, but for Omelettes w/ cheese included, I like to focus on 2 things. The meltability, and how well the cheese goes with the ingredients. I dislike having to fight a stringy cheese to eat a soft fluffy omelette. Avoid hard cheeses on the inside. If you must use a hard cheese, grate it over the top as garnish or be a small part of an inside flavor. On spices: I never add salt to the Eggs, sometimes white pepper. I like to allow the Eggs to taste like...well....Eggs ! Let your imagination run wild as to what you can stuff into them and let that ingredient be complimented by that fluffy, soft exterior.