French Macaron Recipe for First Time Macaron makers

A month ago, I went to Singapore to see my beautiful girlfriend, and I saw wonderful looking French macaroons being sold everywhere. They looked fantastical, their bright colors and all, like something out of Dr. Seuss or a cartoon. So, as you might have guessed, I had to try one. The Macarons were at a place called TWG Tea, and they had remarkable tea flavors unlike anything I could have ever imagined. It was my first macaron, so I was surprised by the firm, crunchy outside juxtaposed with the wonderful, fluffy inside. I had an assortment of their flavors, and all of them were incredible. The meringue confection sparked my curiosity, and made me want to learn how to make them myself. So that's what I did. This recipe is the first one that I used to make macarons. It's simple, and the result is a wonderful party for your mouth. My first batch were a bit bland looking, though they tasted amazing. But you can make them any color you want. Just use a bit more food coloring than I did.