Fried Green Tomatoes (a traditional Southern staple)

I am adding acidic foods back to my diet slowly as I recover from an acid-related medical issue. I had originally intended to make fried green tomatoes on a night when we had friends over, but my husband made me put a temporary moratorium on dinner parties (he’s tired of washing so many dishes), so we were left to eat them ourselves. Poor us. I decided to make them from three green tomatoes (and let the other two ripen), thinking I would use the leftovers in sandwiches if they turned out not to make me sick. I should have known that a) I find them generally irresistable, and b) I would find them more irresistable than usual given that I have not been eating them for nearly two years. And then Dan liked them as well (despite not liking tomatoes), which was another shock–so we ate all three! I’ll have to be careful when/if I make them in the future that we not repeat that level of consumption. I used to eat these with ranch dressing on them, but the feta cheese we had them with this time was also truly marvelous.