Garlic and Lemon Pasta

I still remember the first time my family went to Italy. Maybe because it was just my parents and they went without me. Or maybe it was because I had just graduated high school and my parents left my sister and I alone. In a brand new house. In our minds it was a party house. I'm sure you can imagine the clean up involved in that one. Either way, I learned something upon their arrival. No it wasn't humility that I learned after having to pick up the neighbor behind us' back yard. It was actually Italian cooking. My whole life, I have been brought up in the me generation (although I was born the last year as a Gen-Xer) This generation is what is so prevalent now. Our culture about being influenced so easily by the media. Because of this my thoughts about Italian cooking was red sauce and spaghetti. Okay, okay. Maybe some ravioli or hey! Let's throw in a cannoli or two in there. Never the less, I was clueless about true Italian cooking. Once my parents arrived home and after all the asking about what Europe was like, they finally got to the food. "Did you know that pasta is usually a first course (after antipasto of course)?" "Really? No I didn't and no I didn't know that a meat entree would follow that." I learned that day that well, I had a lot to learn. I was sheltered in terms of other cultures traditions in food growing up. Hence, thinking that Chef Boyardee was really a chef. Ha! Imagine that! (Okay, I am really kidding about that last part) While this recipe would not be my choice as a first course (to be honest, who can finish off a plate of pasta and then keep moving on anyhow. Alright, ask me when I arrive back from Italy someday) it does make a perfect main course. Fresh, easy, fast and above all, it tips it's hat to the East all the way to Italy. So, until I have to chance to enjoy a trip of my own, I will be preparing this whenever the urge strikes. Enjoy!