Gingerbread Cookies

I got this recipe from a recipe card that was bound into a special issue of Fine Cooking. I love this recipe and make these cookies every year around Christmas (and sometimes after). This year, when it was time, I went to pull the recipe out and couldn't find it. I freaked! I looked everywhere for that !@#$% recipe. Sure, I could have found other Gingerbread recipes, but I wanted mine! Finally, I did an internet search (God bless the internet) and miracle of miracles, I actually found it. After saving it on my computer then printing it out, I went about blissfully making my cookies. Some time later, as I was cleaning out a basket of miscellaneous magazines/newspaper articles/odds and ends, what did I find? My recipe, right where I had apparently left it (and where I had also previously looked). The gremlins who hide things you're looking for until you're no longer looking for them struck again. Yields about 3 dozen 4-inch-tall gingerbread people (I cut mine into diamond shapes which makes about 6 dozen or so)