Gluten Free Flourless Chocolate Nutella Cake

This was the Recipe #1 in the "Gluten Free Baking With KitchenAid" event. This is my gluten free blend of Nigella Lawson's recipe out of her phenomenal cookbook - How To Be A Domestic Goddess. If you don't have a copy of this book - get one! It is ALWAYS my first stop for a delectable dessert recipe. When I got the publishing permission from Hyperion and Ms. Lawson herself, I was tickled to bits! Instead of using a jar of nutella in this recipe, I made homemade chocolate hazelnut spread using the Elana's Pantry recipe. Elana Amsterdam is one of my favourite gluten free bloggers, and this healthier nutella recipe is quick and easy. Thanks Elana! The rest of the recipe is pretty self explanatory. Just make sure you don't over mix or over beat the egg whites, gently gently fold in the egg whites and chocolate into the mixture. I will warn you that this cake is DEADLY ADDICTIVE! It is also VERY RICH! A little goes a long way! But that won't stop you from grabbing for another and another and another bite of what I can only describe as a slice of gluten free chocolate piggy heaven!