Graham Cupcakes with Key Lime Filling and Whipped Cream

My friend Cara came up with the idea for a key lime pie cupcake sometime last summer. It stuck in my mind since and I always put it off for one reason or another. Limes weren’t in season, I had a new idea that pushed it to the side, it didn’t seem like the right time to try it out; excuses were always plenty and in reach. I finally sat down to figure it out, and this cupcake put me through some trials let me tell you. The first attempt was basically a mini key lime pie more or less. While tasty, the graham cracker crust was soggy, and the pies ugly. It was a no go. The second attempt I decided to make a graham cake with a key lime filling. Sadly the graham was way too understated in flavor, and didn’t really have enough rise or fluffy texture. Still it seemed a step closer to what I wanted to accomplish. The last attempt was well… wonderful. The feeling of accomplishment when something finally comes together is just so relieving, like a large weight being lifted that’s been pressing down upon you. Honestly these are one of my favorites thus far, if not the favorite. No exaggeration. The graham cupcakes look dense but are light and fluffy with that distinct flavor of graham crackers you loved since childhood. The bilious mound of whipped cream wasn’t overly sweet and would get on your upper lip and the tip of your nose with each bite as whipped cream is should. The key lime filling was thick and custardy with a nice tangy zing that was subtle yet strong; it didn’t punch you in the mouth like a key lime pie would. Easy, tasty, and fun to eat with friends. Really, it was the quintessential cupcake and one I plan to make again tonight.