Grandma Ann's Whiskey Cake

When I was on my adventure for 4 months in McMinnville Oregon. I had a chance to meet my best friend Fellina's Grandma Ann. She is this wonderfully friendly and delightfully spirited person who you instantly fall in love with. I was cooking for Fellina's Mom and visiting with Grandma Ann. She had recently be diagnosis with lung cancer and was given only 8 months and in spite of that was a happy joyful person to be around. She had given me this recipe on one of our visit together. I will make it and eat it and think of her. She tried her best to beat it ! Today December 9th 2008 she lost her battle. She will be missed by many and we all know she is sleeping awaiting for Jehovah to awake her to a beautiful life here on earth ( Revelation 21:1-4 and Ecc 9:5 & Ps 146:4) She leaves behind a wonderful family and lots who love her. This recipe was found on the internet and I adjusted it alittle since Ann didn't really give me direction to the recipe. I hope all enjoy.