Grandma Steve's Cinnamon Rolls

When I was learning to bake cinnamon rolls Mom would always relate the story of Grandma Stevenson who was a cook for the mines in Colorado. She would tell how Grandma Steve would get up early and bake 12 or so pies, then she'd bake loaves and loaves of bread, and then she would start in on the cinnamon rolls. And being that she was such a great cook, and they were hungry miners, her cinnamon rolls had no less than a pound of butter in each batch! So to make Grandma Steve’s Cinnamon Rolls use any basic sweet roll dough recipe and then slather on the butter, the sugar and the cinnamon -the more the better! And while you're rolling them out be thinking just how grateful you are that you don't have to get up before dawn to do this for a group of hungry miners!