Guinness Chocolate Cake with Irish Cream frosting

the only way to make a guinness taste better is by throwing (or dropping, i suppose) baileys into the mix. car bombs are my shot of choice. there’s the exhilaration that you know you have to down it fast because it will curdle, so you get all excited holding it in your hand. some magical, chemical reaction happens in that glass. the malty beer and the silky irish cream (and in some cases there’s some irish whiskey tossed in for fun) mix into this beautiful, smooth concoction that tastes like the best chocolate milk you’ve ever had. doing irish car bombs after dinner isn’t socially acceptable outside of my family’s christmas dinner table (proof), but mixing these ingredients into a dessert should be welcomed by anyone. if the way to a boy’s heart is through his stomach, i’ve decided here and now that this cake will be my new “you’re a boy. i’m a girl. let’s stop this waste of time chatter.” calling card. it's perfect mix of deep, dark chocolate flavor with the hint of malty stout in the background. and the icing? to die for. i’d like to be smothered in it before i’m buried.