Homemade Spicy Bean Burgers

I just have to say, I have a thing for veggie burgers. When I was a "regular vegetarian" I used to LOVE Morningstar Farms' different veggie patties. One of my favorites was their tomato basil pizza burger. It was an excellent mix of cheese and pizza flavor. I also loved their black bean patties. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of vegan burgers available in the freezer case that are as tasty. I mean, I love Amy's products, and the Qrunch patties are awesome, too. But to me, there's nothing quite like a spicy black bean patty topped with lettuce and onions and between the top and bottom of a whole grain bun! And the good news is that it's fairly simple to make veggie burgers out of beans from the comfort of your own home. Making your own burgers can save you money and you'll be happier with their superior taste! Now, homemade burgers sometimes have a different texture than their frozen counterparts. Most people recommend frying them until they're crispy on the outside. If you're trying to cut back on your oil, though, you can make them on a nonstick electric griddle with an amount of success as well. Baking them is the same thing, though some oil on a nonstick sheet probably works best. I recommend using the griddle technique. Frying is my second favorite. And I haven't tried making homemade burgers on a grill before, so my apologies if you try and are unsuccessful. I imagine they could stick to the grill VERY easily or fall apart and fall into the flames. Eek! In any case, these burgers were great. They were my first attempt at black bean burgers and I loved them. They were a great combination of substance and flavor. The taco seasoning made it just spicy enough for me. The corn kernels give you a pop of sweetness every now and then. And my guess is that you could try this recipe with other types of beans with reasonable success. But for these patties, here's what I did.