Italian-Style Rainbow Veggie Stir-Fry

This was probably my very first "original" recipe. I studied abroad in Paris for a year during college and lived with a host family. I am picky about eating meat and in France I ate mostly vegetarian. My host mom didn't really cook (and what she did cook was loaded with heavy butter and oil), so one time I asked if I could cook dinner. She was more than happy to oblige, and I created a rudimentary form of this dish. I simply used a combination of my favorite vegetables, some spices, and rice, and over the next several years my stir-fry evolved into this recipe, which I like to think is a little more refined than the college version! My secret ingredient is sun-dried tomato powder from Oliviers & Co., an olive oil store in France which now has several locations in the US. It's not essential to the success of the dish, but it gives it a nice depth. The proportions listed here are approximate; a lot of them are written as "to taste" because there is really nothing exact in this recipe-- put in whatever you like! In fact, the stir-fry has never really had a name, but in order to post it here, I'm calling it "Italian" because it has a lot of Italian flavors, and "rainbow" because it's very bright and colorful. I hope you like it! :)