Jack's Chili Con Queso

OK all you Oueso lovers out there, here's a great one that does not use Velveeta. This isn't even in the same league as Velveeta Queso! My aunt's husband guarded this recipe as his secret for years. He made it every time they entertained and always got many requests for it. I asked numerous times for the recipe, to which he would always say "It's a secret!" Finally, right before my husband and I got married in April of 1974, he gave me the recipe as one of our wedding gifts. I was very fond of him and he of me and over the years I never shared the recipe respecting his "secret". Finally, several years after his death, my aunt received so many requests for it that she decided it was just too good and too much of a wonderful part of him not to share with others. So now, I am so proud to share this recipe every chance I get. It is one of those recipes that just gets better and better each time it is reheated, that is, if you have any left over. I usually double the recipe so I can use the whole can of cream.