Jenn's Original Manwich Pie

For many years, my idea of what Shepard's pie was is completely different than what it actually is. Back when I was in high school, my mother would make what she called Shepard's pie. What it consisted of was 2 uncooked pie crusts with browned ground beef cooked in a tomato based sauce, on top of that was creamy mashed potatoes and sprinkled on the top with some paprika and baked until golden brown. Sometimes my mother would add in some onions and green peppers, sometimes not, but overall, it was one of my favorite dishes. When I got older and was married raising my children, I would make this very same dish, always thinking it was Shepard's pie until we were invited over a friend's house and was introduced to what Shepard's Pie truly is! It was then I realized that whatever my mother made was probably something she just whipped together at the last minute and called it Shepard's pie. It truly was a *duh!* moment for me. It also got me thinking on how I can enhance this recipe and turn it around and make it something more. This is where I came up with Manwich pie. I'm sure I'm not the only person to have thought of this but I'd like to think my version is somewhat original, but if not, then I hope you enjoy it, nonetheless.