Knockout Banana Walnut Bread

This was the first thing to turn me into a baking MANIAC! I had always liked baking as a kid, and I dabbled here and there, but I was never serious until I tried this. I really love bananas. I really hate wasting food. I only love bananas when they're still a little green, once they get soft and spotty, the smell and consistency make me gag. So, week after week, I'd be tossing out that last banana in the bunch, and it made me irate. One day I decided to look up a recipe for banana bread and give it a try so I could quit wasting food. One loaf and I was hooked, not only on banana bread but baking as well! I have no idea where I got the recipe, somewhere in cyberspace. But it's delicious, very banana-y, it has nothing unnatural and it has less sugar than most of the recipes I've seen.