Lemon Spinach and feta;

Everyone who tries these says I make them the best. So I thought others might want to make them too. Give yourself a lot of time. To save some prep time this is the one thing I make out of some frozen ingredients. Have fun with the spices ... I'm going vague about that purposely! Don't be afraid to taste the cold mixture and adjust the spices; Try different spices too toss a little lemon pepper, Greek seasoning or a bit on Morrocan spices in the mix... after you have tried them simple with salt and pepper you'l want to try them in different styles... They only keep getting better! You can freeze them (store them about a month in freezer) and reheat when needed ... Fresh is still better. If you are making lots and freezing some it's best to slightly undercook those you wish to freeze so that they can be re-heated without becoming too dry. I like to make both a Tsaziki (cucumber yogourt sauce) and a plum sauce "gastrique" with them.