Lola's Yummy Spanish Lentils

This recipe comes from my gorgeous Spanish mother in law Lola - when we lived with her (her son (my hubby) and I) it was a favourite of ours and now continues to be in our home as well with our 3 kiddies too - they love it and it's sooooo delicious as well as good for you : ) It's a meal in one pot and like a delicious lentil stew that warms the heart and soul - any time of year - but even better when the weather is cold outside : ) The smell of it cooking is enough to warm all your senses : ) We love it because when my father in law was alive we would all sit around and share this meal together and now, we tell our kids (aged 5, 2 and a newborn) that this was their Papa's favourite (as they never had the chance to meet him)- Our eldest says "make Papa's favourite for dinner mummy! It's sooooo yummy!" It's such a great way to get the kids eating their veges and some delicious lentils that are so good for you - high in fibre and iron too! If you omit the chorizo (it is delicious with it though as it gives a real spanish flavour) then it becomes even healthier too for vegetarians and those watching their weight. It really is a meal in one - you don't need anything else and it's great the next night (or 2!) and freezes well also.