Marrowfat peas with bacon and molasses

Grauwe earten mei spek and sjerp/Kapucijners met spek en stroop This is a dish I really like. We never had it at home, probably due to Mum’s pork allergy. She preferred brown beans, which she could serve with the pork at the side and have the beans without the pork herself. I learned to eat it at other peoples homes and at friend’s places. The basics are traditionally Dutch, but the things going along with it differ by area and even by families. This recipe is as I had it most often, and I suspect it to be Frisian because of the mustard, but there were also friends who served apple sauce at the side or used smoked bacon instead of unsmoked. There is also a more elaborate version I once saw in a cookbook using things like leeks, onions, rashers of smoked bacon, ketjap manis (sweet soy) ginger powder and piccalilly.