Molasses Bran Muffins

Weight Watchers Points - If there are twelve muffins 1 = 2pts or 2 mini muffins for 2pts. Ive been trying to incorporate more fiber into my life, and while pre-packaged fiber bars are great once in a while I dont want to eat them everyday! So I began a search for recipes using wheat bran and found this one on and then modified it. These are amazing! The first time I made them they were sort of small and very moist, almost too moist. So I decided to incread the flour and bran and the second batch was great. The top becomes sort of crunchy and they were still very moist. The molasses is very distinctive and if you dont love it dont use it. The honey is a great substitute and is nice and mellow. Also you could substitute sugar free applesauce instead of the preserves, I just had them on hand in the coordinating flavor and it turned out great that way.