Mom's Pumpkin Scones

My mom made these scones as a versatile food that the kids loved. Although we usually drizzle them with honey, they have such a small amount of sugar that they are on the border of savoury/sweet. They are great for autumn and winter baking due to the ingredients, but are also a surprisingly fantastic food for camping trips. They hold their shape well during transport and can be sliced in half and filled with any sandwich ingredients. I asked her for this recipe when I wanted to impress a new flame. He said he loved anything pumpkin and I knew this would do the trick. One year later, we just bought our first house together and I can't wait for winter weather to start again so I can fill the new house with baking smells! My mom's note on this recipe: "I usually use 1/2 of the butter and a bit extra pumpkin but the texture suffers for it. Get some honey to eat with them! Stay warm. Love Mom"