Oh My Apple Pie

I love fall! Growing up we would visit the Purdue Apple Farm and pick our own apples. Apples back then tasted different, thicker skins, juicy sweet white with red and green bits, and the apples tasted more like cider than store bought apples. I recently had (for the 1st time in many years) a Purdue apple, it was exactly the same!!! I remember that when Josh and I were very very young, Mom would take us with to listen to the Purdue Marching Band practices (check out the videos) We had a picnic blanket and we would all spread out with fresh apples and snacks and listen to the music. Sometime we even brought our dog, Molly, with us to picnic. I don't know that she liked it as much as Josh and I did. I remember these picnics, the beautiful fall days and the amazing music as one of my most cherished memories with my mom and brother. Despite the fact that apple pie was not really present in my childhood, eating apple pie reminds me of these days. We spent many afternoons in the shade of trees, listening to amazing fun, upbeat music and eating fresh apples. Happy Fall-ing in Love with Fall!