Peanut Butter & Jelly Bars

As any teacher will tell you, the single most exhausting day of the school year is the first day. Hands down. Many teachers don't sleep well the night before, we get to school extra early to make sure everything is perfect, then we talk all day long. We can't just jump into activities, we have to explain where everything is, where it goes, how we put it away, what happens when it isn't put away correctly, etc. We talk through and practice the rules and procedures of every. single. thing. we do. It's all worth it because setting the proper expectations will result in beautifully behaved kids for the rest of the year, but MAN is it exhausting. When school is out and all my kids have successfully been walked to the bus, their parent, the daycare van, what have you, I love to go back to my room, sit down, and enjoy a snack in silence. These peanut butter and jelly bars paired with an ice cold milk from the cafeteria will be just perfect. Classic American school lunch flavors with an extra bit of comfort and sweetness.