Potato Chowder

I have a cookbook that has the last copyright date in it as 1922. I'm adding this recipe for fun. I haven't tried it. There are some recipes in this book that I'd never be able to make because I don't know what they're talking about. I don't know what a raisin stoned is, I don't buy tomatoes by the bushel, I don't use a pressure cooker. Does one assume that "brown" stock is beef stock? The book is great fun. Its called The Century Cook Book and not only has recipes but tells you how to set, and decorate your table, how to train a "green" cook, and how to live economically (a family of 2 lived well on $10 a week). Anyway....heres a simple recipe from this ancient book. Cooks Note: This is a good dish for a luncheon, or for supper in the country.