Salmon & Spinach Pesto Pasta

Many may associate summertime with foods like ice cream, berries, bbq ribs and the like. For me, I'd like to add salmon to the list. Prime salmon season usually starts in May and continues through September. My favorite salmon? Copper River Salmon, hands down! My friends in Alaska have generously been sharing the season's bounty and I recently received some Sockeye Salmon to play with. One of the things I made with the salmon was this Salmon & Spinach Pesto Pasta. The creamy spinach pesto sauce compliments the fresh salmon ever so delicately and makes for a colorful and flavorful pasta dish. If you notice at the top of my blog, there's a tab (C.R.Salmon '11) that lists all the Chicagoland retail stores that are currently selling Copper River Salmon as well as restaurants serving it up this season. I compiled this list as a member of the Copper River Salmon's Fresh Catch Crew. A total of 6 bloggers around the country were part of this special crew and we all sought to find where Copper River Salmon could be purchased or enjoyed in area restaurants. Joining me in this year's Fresh Catch Crew are the following food bloggers: City Girl Chicago (Chicago Area) Chez Us (San Francisco Area) Tiny Urban Kitchen (Boston Area) Joylicious (Dallas Area) The Manhattan [food] Project (New York City Area) In return, one of us would be chosen to fly out to Alaska and have the opportunity to talk with fishermen, processors and fishery managers behind the Copper River Salmon harvesting - and eat lots of Copper River salmon! In addition to that, the lucky blogger will get to forage berries and mushrooms, as well as try their hand at sport fishing. It's an opportunity of a lifetime to visit Alaska and experience all of the fall bounty that awaits. Well, after a few months of documenting retail stores and restaurants that have Copper River Salmon available, it was time. A lucky blogger was chosen based on their work in locating Copper River Salmon was in their area and the announcement was made just a week ago. So who's packing their bags and headed to Alaska? Can you believe it - me! I was so surprised and shocked that I was chosen! I've never been to Alaska and never thought it would ever be a place I would visit. But now that I have my tickets confirmed, it really is going to be a reality. I'll be visiting Cordova, AK during the first week of September, immediately after Labor Day weekend. I'm so excited! I look forward to taking a lot of pictures and jotting down a lot of notes so I can share the whole experience here on the site when I return. So with that, I'm sharing this dish that showcases the Sockeye Salmon I received from the generous folks at Copper River Salmon. I absolutely love salmon and pesto together. This dish incorporates a twist on the traditional pesto by using spinach instead of basil. Once the pesto is made, it's added to a heavy cream reduction for a luscious sauce. The salmon is seasoned and broiled, allowing for its natural flavors to shine through. It's definitely one of our favorite salmon dishes at our house...


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