Santa Fe Grilled Chicken

This is one yummy dish! When I found this recipe on Rachel vs. The Kitchen Blog she said it was missing something and she shied away from using to much taco seasoning but I sprinkled the chicken breast pretty good with the taco seasoning! I also seasoned them with garlic salt, cracked black pepper and Lawry's Seasoned Salt! There was nothing missing to us as it was perfect! We don't like thick chicken breast so I bought 4 and cut them in half, down the middle inside, like a butterfly cut and that is a great way to make them less thick! Cut them when they are still partially frozen! I was standing in line at Kroger's Deli and spotted some Boars Head Asiago Cheese slices and decided that was the cheese I was going to use in this recipe and it was a great choice! I love Asiago Cheese and it was delicious with this recipe! It was a pretty chilly day here so I decided on the stove top method instead of grilling but as soon as grilling weather is here, this recipe is going to be made on the grill by the grill master, my DH, Boog!