Sati's Cookies

I have wanted this recipe for years, since I read the book; Sati. From the 2nd passage in the book it makes me feel this recipe is wrong, but we can still call 'em Sati's. Please enjoy & look up the book for those who wish to read it. "The cookies were excellent. Tiny shortbread cakes, they had raspberry jam in the center and icing and sliced cherry pieces on top." narration, Sati, Christopher Pike "The secret ingredient in Sati's recipe was a combination of flavors, herbs, and spices that were mixed directly into the shortbread dough"-narration, Sati, Christopher Pike This recipe is adapted from two recipes I found online: one for icing, and one for raspberry shortbread cookies. These are both wonderful recipes and I do not wish to detract from them; I admit to not being very good at baking, so I thank the creators of the recipes I use. Sati counsels joy; these cookies are meant to celebrate joy. Eat them happily, share them, spread the word. Give this recipe away, I don't even care if I'm credited. I hereby place this recipe in the public domain.