Scottish Shortbread (1-2-3 Shortbread)

There is NO vegetable shortening in shortbread - Never, Ever. Even though they share a common root word, all this means is that the fat inhibits the formation of gluten (which is a stretchy long protein) and "shortens" the dough. Butter, which is an animal derived shortening, does this just as well, especially European butter which is about 85% fat, as opposed to American butter which is only 80%. Eggs - There are NO eggs in shortbread, well, at least not in Scottish Shortbread. There is also no flavoring, at all... No Vanilla... Butter is the flavoring of Scottish Shortbread, which is why the quality of the European butter you use is SO important. :) So please find a Butter that you like the flavor of. If you want a flavored shortbread, do what I do, use American butter, cause the European butter is way too expensive to cover up with extracts and such. OK, now the recipe..... Scottish Shortbread 1-2-3 There ya go, that is all there is to it.... Hmmm, I guess I should flesh this out a little bit. OK.... 1 part Granulated Sugar 2 parts Unsalted European Butter 3 parts Unbleached AP Flour. TA DA! Seriously though, it really is that simple, and infinitely scalable. Such as 6 oz sugar, 12 oz butter, 18 oz AP flour...... 10 oz sugar, 20 oz butter, 30 oz AP flour... and so on and so forth. The fun part is the assembly. So here we go.