Sourdough Starter

When I visited my sister in Bavaria, I also met her significant other. He is a native San Franciscan who learned to be a chef. But instead of creating dishes in famous restaurants he became a candle maker in Bavaria. Anyhow, he did most of the cooking when I visited them. One of the items he made was baguettes from his own starter. I was amazed. So I asked what he did. He told me all you do is take a handful of flour and you mix it with a little bit of water. You wait a week and divide the dough, throw half of it away and feed the lump of dough more flour and water. After a while it rises from the ambient yeast. Yes, the yeast is floating in the air all around us. You do that--dividing in half and feeding and kneading--until the dough rises. This may take weeks. When I got home I decided to investigate whether you could actually do what he said. I searched for sourdough starter on the internet and I found lots of information. I started making baguettes about two years ago. I expanded to rye bread and raisin bread. There is nothing better than a good sourdough starter. It's like a pet. You have to feed and water it once a week. Submitted by: "Birgit Calhoun"