Talk To Me Cupcake! Tasty Bites, A Gluten Free Treat!

I love cup cakes. They're so innocent. begging me to eat them. I especially love mini cup cakes, mini anything actually. To me mini = guilt free. I know in the "reality based community", this is a bunch of horse pucky, but one can dream. The last time I made Gujarati steamed chickpea bread I wondered since it's so good savory, how would it be sweetened? I fantasized about little gram flour cupcakes studded with sultana raisins, an icing of sirkhand and a bit of finely chopped pistachios. So a couple of days ago with Alan on the road to recovery eye wise, I decided to invite some friends over for an Indian lunch and try my little dessert experiment on them. I started the night before, as the batter for this steamed bread/cake needs to mellow overnight. The actual baking process only takes about 12 minutes. As to turning it sweet, I was winging it and we were all happy with the results, a not too sweet raisin spice cupcake. I baked steamed the cupcakes in a mini muffin pan that I had, and though the process wasn't pretty at first they were the ugly ducklings that grew beautiful. "Why Ms. Jones, you're beautiful with that frosting!" The biggest problem was finding a steaming vessel that would hold my mini muffin pan. Next time I try this I think I'll steam them in the oven where I can use a large baking dish as a bain marie. So here's what I did: