Tarragon Cupcakes

Tarragon's grassy, slightly anise like flavor is intoxicating. And while some out there are thinking, "EWW, ANISE!" tarragon is always the exception i find when it comes to those who hate licorice flavor, including myself. These cupcakes taste better have spending the night covered in the fridge so the flavors have more time to meld. Vanilla bean and tarragon go great together and have a classy, adult flavor to them. They were a total hit at the office where I work, it seems tarragon and vanilla is that perfect pairing no one ever seemed to notice before, and I bet would make for wonderful flavors to add to fish and salads. The high society flavor of this cupcake is perfect for a bridal shower or maybe an afternoon get together with friends. In the future I would also garnish them with some tarragon leaves, but ah well, next time. This recipe was originally made for my blog, Vanilla Garlic. For other cupcake recipes and food essays, please check it out! Thanks!