Thai Chile Beef

When it comes to making dishes for the family, it can be challenging to keep food preferences in mind... especially when you're craving something you know others just won't eat. Such was the case at our house the other night when I was in the mood for this Thai Chile Beef. I like beef and peanuts. The husband isn't a fan of either, especially together. But that didn't stop me from satisfying my cravings. This dish brings Thai take out into your kitchen and it's easy to do too! Marinated beef is tossed with jalapenos, basil, cilantro and a spicy sauce to bring it all together... The first time I made this, it was way too salty for our tastes. It was no wonder since the original recipe called for a total of 3 tablespoons of fish sauce! Normally recipes from Cook's Illustrated work wonderfully for me but this one had to have a few tweaks. I tried it a second time with some changes and the recipe below reflects what was a much better ratio of saltiness in the dish. If you cannot find Thai basil, you can substitute it with regular basil. Since my husband doesn't eat beef (for health reasons), I made him the same dish separately using sliced pork which is just as good. You can even substitute chicken in the dish for beef as well.