Thai Sweet Coconut Cupcakes With Caramel Topping

My sister Nina loves chai, so I wanted to make her a sweet and spicy cupcake that captured that chai essence, but I've made the same chai cupcakes a bazillion times, and I wanted to do something new this time. So, instead of using chai tea in this recipe from 125 Best Cupcake Recipes by Julie Hasson, I used a bag of Thai sweet coconut tea, which is a blend of black tea, coconut essence, cardamom, black pepper, paprika and clove. It tastes like heaven when you top it with steamed milk and a little honey, so I figured in cupcake form it had to be good. I actually called my husband for advice on the topping. I was thinking cinnamon buttercream, and after the mess I made making homemade caramel, I think that might have been the way to go. But, these don't look, taste or smell like your average cupcake, so why top them like your average cupcake? Honey buttercream might have been another delicious option. If you'd like to make chai cupcakes rather than this particular flavor, substitute a bag of your favorite chai tea, or grind some loose chai tea and use about a teaspoon.