The Basic, Macaron Recipe (Vanilla)

While finished macarons may appear in an almost infinite number of flavors, they all start from one of two, basic recipes. Macarons, as defined elsewhere, are almond meringue cookies, and there are two, basic techniques for making a meringue: French or Italian. The French method, which I use, is the simpler of the two: Raw egg whites whipped with slowly added sugar. The Italian method uses a sugar syrup cooked to 240 F (116 C), i.e., soft ball stage, which is then carefully added to the egg whites. But since no one wants to hassle with getting out a candy thermometer (assuming they have one), I've chosen not to include this option, here. Making macarons is complicated enough, there's no reason to make it more complicated. Before you attempt this recipe, read it thoroughly. Happy baking!


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