Trisha's Butter Biscuits

For years I watched my grandma and mother magically take flour, lard or Crisco, and buttermilk and make homemade biscuits, which I considered to be the only real bread worth eating. We always had plenty of real butter and homemade blackberry jam on the table to go with them. I never imagined that I would ever be able to make a tender, flaky biscuit, not too doughy, with a lightly browned top and crispy golden bottom. After many years of being married and moving away from mom's kitchen and famous biscuits, I decided I would just have to make my own. I used my mom's recipe the first few times but one day varied the recipe as below and got better results. I made them for my mom and dad when they visited recently and my dad decided they were better than mom's. Now she makes my recipe. But I reminded her that I learned from the BEST.