Tropical Lime Ice Cream Pie

This was made for the Archway cookie contest. Archway sent me an entire case of their cookies for inspiration (so awesome!) but I knew right away that I wanted to use the gingersnaps. Being it's been a hot and steamy summer, the tropics were where my head was at while thinking up a recipe. Lime and ginger are a perfect combination of flavors but alas, I could find nothing but sherbert in a lime flavor! So, I channeled my inner Bakespacer and decided I would make my own Lime flavored ice cream. It was beyond simple!! Who knew?? I put my homemade ice cream in a crust made of gingersnaps and topped the whole thing with a coconut cream topping w/ a light sprinkling of coarsely crushed gingersnaps and voila! Tropical Lime Ice Cream Pie was born.