Vegan Tofu Shawarma

I'm starting to think I have this reputation at work for being some kind of food nerd. No, seriously. I mean it. When the Avengers movie came out, some of my co-workers, after the initial questions of "Did you see it?" and "Wasn't it awesome?" were over with, proceeded to ask me "Did you like the part at the end? And what is shawarma anyway?" So, yes, "shawarma" is a Middle Eastern fast food usually involving alternating layers of meat and fat on a spit that's seasoned as its cooked, rotisserie style. I don't cook a lot of Middle Eastern food and I sure as heck had never heard of shawarma prior to seeing the Avengers. I did, however, look it up as soon as the movie was over and was, of course, more than ready to inform my coworkers of the delight it was sure to be should they try to find some place in Austin that serves it. Meanwhile, back in veganland, I was determined to make some semblance of shawarma that Chris and I could eat. Somewhere on the interwebs, I found this website called Shawarma Recipe which is devoted to bringing the flavors of authentic shawarma to the comfort of your very own kitchen. So after rummaging through their posts, I picked one to try out using tofu instead of meat. This is the recipe I came up with, adapted from theirs. I have never fried tofu in yogurt before and I was very pleased with the results. If you prefer, feel free to add more of each of the spices. The dish was flavorful, but not spicy in the least. I expect you could get away with doubling both the turmeric and cumin... If you make it, let me know what you think. I'll be experimenting with more of the Shawarma Recipe website's other recipes in the future.