'Warka' is the crisp, paper-thin pastry from North Africa that is used to make the famous Tunisian 'briks' (stuffed parcels) or the classic Moroccan 'bisteeya' (sweet, spiced pigeon pie). Warka is for the obsessed and the mad, yet we have taken much pride (and patience) in making it at Moro from the beginning. If you do manage to persevere and succeed, you deserve to have a feeling of genuine achievement. It is a case of 'once you get the hang of it it's easy', but nevertheless very few people outside North Africa make it. We were lucky enough to see it being made in the kitchens of the La Mamounia hotel in Marrakech but, even so, it took a steely determination to succeed. A few tips on making Warka Good flour is important,The warka dough must sit in the fridge for 45 minutes for the gluten in the flour to develop.