Zucchini Spice Cake with Lemon Sauce

When we had a call to invite a famous lady to tea so she could see our Old Adobe, we felt a little faint because we really did not have some of the important ingredients on hand to make a Rum Baba or a Baked Alaska or even a Floating Island? (really?) Anyway, we scurried around and came up with a bright twist on an old favorite...the makings are probably in your cupboard right now? We pulled out the Royal Crown Derby and some Grande Baroque Silver. Dug around and found some Ecru Brocade Napkins from Milan that were given to us one Christmas. We figured just about anything would look brilliant served with these lovely keepsakes. Then high on the top shelf we found a package wrapped with distinguished gold paper and a Balducci label. Attached we read a mini card... "If I could take your Troubles, I would toss them in the Sea. But since I can't, I'm sending you, My favorite cup of tea." We remembered the sender was almost as famous as our guest. That will do nicely! Now for the dessert...we came up with a homely little collection of ingredients and the result enchanted our lovely Diva and just like it's pioneer parent, gave us a warm cozy feeling inside.