grandma's lemon fluff with cream cheese

My whole life I have looked forward to Christmas with my Grandma and not for the presents but for unbelievable lemon "stuff". I can remember lean years when we could barely muster 2 gifts a piece but it did'nt matter cause Grandma was gonna be there with her orange tupperware pan with that heavenly lemon stuff in it mmmmmmmmm. Well Grandma fought with cancer and we were just hopeing for Thanksgiving. I sat down with her just before Thanksgiving and she apologized she didn't have any possessions of value to give me. I told her I didn't care after 31 years of eating lemon stuff the only thing I wanted was her secret recipe. Unfortunately Grandma passed Dec 2nd both my aunt and my mom have attempted this recipe with minimal success. I made my first attempt last weeks and I DID IT!!!! so I wanted to pass this recipe on and put it here for my safe keeping. Good luck with it and enjoy every squeshy bite!!