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This is a very special drink for summer. It is the ancient version of the modern energy drink.

This is a traditional Turkish drink.


  • Ingredients for 2dl. But I suggest you do minimum 1 liter :)
  • Yoghurt. Not easy ti find a good. You will need a hard yoghurt. And nature yoghurt, without fruits and other. You can try it from Greek or Turkish shop
  • Salt
  • Water


  • For 2dl glass put 1/2-2/3 with yoghurt.
  • Then put a half coffee spoon salt.
  • If you do not like too many salt, then put less.
  • Then put water to the glass make it full.
  • Then mix it, and make it colder.
  • If the yoghurt is not to hard, then you can put more.
  • In the first time it can be strange, but later you will like it very much. And it is really great in hot time.

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